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alpha-prime-eliteThe goodness of Alpha Prime Elite cannot be found in any other supplement. It contains natural ingredients which keep the body active, fit and energetic. It reduces fat, promotes muscle mass and builds up the testosterone count so that we can lead a healthy life. To know how, read below.


Tongkat Ali and Lycopene are the two main components which have contributed in increasing the effectiveness of this supplement. The formula is also rich in Astaxanthin and Panax Ginseng. It is free from fillers but consists of testosterone boosters and energy enhancing agents.

How does it work?

This supplement is effective in controlling the body weight by reducing the fat settlement from the system. The powerful ingredients present in this product also boosts the protein synthesis in the body and helps in the development of the muscle mass. The supplement also works on the testosterone count in the body and makes our married life active and vigorous.



  • Promotes the production of active hormonal changes
  • Controls development of fat
  • Effectively increases the testosterone in the body
  • Regulates tiredness, decreases laziness and manages fatigue
  • Gives proper levels of stamina and energy
  • Makes blood circulation in the system

Side effects

Fillers and additives are not present in this supplement which is a proof that this product is extremely effective. The product is manufactured in the GNP lab and is tested in the FDA. It contains only natural ingredients and has no chemicals. The product is 100% safe and is not at all harmful to our body.


This supplement has to be consumed twice. As suggested by doctors, the most suitable time to consume the pills is morning and also evening. The count of 60 pills should be finished in 30 days. This product should be consumed as per the dosage pattern. It should not be over consumed.


The product was recommended to me by a health expert to whom I was introduced by a friend. He looked at my plump body and told me that it is still possible for me to gain muscle mass. On his suggestion, I ordered this supplement and have been using it since approximately 10 days.

In such a short duration, this supplement has begun the process of fat reduction from my body. It keeps me energised and helps me perform in the gym. The product also boosts the blood circulation in my system each day and gives me ultimate stamina. It is also improving the testosterone count in me which is promoting my interest in the intercourse each day.


How to make it work better?

The results of this product can be improved by making the consumption of the pills daily. Apart from this, we should bring down the number of cigarettes we smoke daily. We should also avoid over consumption of alcohol. Including more of green vegetables and fruits in our daily diet also helps this product act on the body in a better way. Apart from this, we must exercise on a regular basis and improve the level of water intake.

Free trial?

The trial pack of this product can be obtained from the official website. Any registered customer can order this pack by logging onto the official website. After this step, you just need to place the order for the 30-day pack after which you will be asked whether or not you want the trial pack. If you click on yes, both the packs will be delivered to your address. The trial pack is free and can be ordered just once.


  • The supplement is available only on the online store and must be ordered from there
  • It is not allowed to be used by children and youngsters
  • The product should not be kept in fridge
  • It should be protected from UV rays
  • The supplement should not be used without consulting a doctor
  • Avoid over usage of the product
  • One should check the safety seal on the pack and then accept the delivery
  • Shopping of this pack should be done from its official website
  • Heat and moisture are the things from which it must be protected


How to buy?

There is only one way to purchase Alpha Prime Elite and it is, by registering on the official website. The registration can be done within seconds and the order placement of the product does not takes much time. The best thing about ordering the product online is that its delivery is done at the address provided by us. The availability of this supplement is not there at medical stores and supplement shops.

Why to use it?

The presence of active ingredients in this product makes it strong, effective and safe which is why doctors recommend its usage on a large scale. The supplement has agents which destruct the excessive fat from the body and help in the proper development of the muscle mass. The product also manages the stamina and energy levels in the body while providing better circulation of blood in the system. It also makes the testosterone count in the system normal and helps us gain a vigorous married life. This product is great in its work and it does not plays with the health of colon or the digestive system.